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本文摘要:Apple has paved the way for iPhone users to block online advertising shown in its Safari web browser, in an attempt to improve privacy that could prevent web publishers from reaching some of their most valuable customers.苹果(Apple)为iPhone用户


Apple has paved the way for iPhone users to block online advertising shown in its Safari web browser, in an attempt to improve privacy that could prevent web publishers from reaching some of their most valuable customers.苹果(Apple)为iPhone用户截击Safari浏览器上表明的广告铺平了道路。苹果意图提高隐私维护的这一措施,可能会制止网络出版商认识到一些最有价值的客户。Changes planned for iOS 9, the iPhone and iPad operating system that will be pushed out later this year, include “Content Blocking Safari Extensions”, according to documents shared with app makers this week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.苹果在本周的全球开发者大会上与应用于开发者共享的文件表明,它计划今年晚些时候发售的iOS 9操作系统(限于于iPhone和iPad)将作出上述转变。

“Content Blocking gives your extensions a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups and other content,” Apple says in documentation for developers.“内容截击功能让你的扩展插件以求较慢高效地截击cookies、图片、资源、弹出框和其它内容,”苹果在一份致开发者的文件中说道。Apple believes that privacy and security are among its greatest differentiators against Google’s Android mobile platform, which as the main rival to iOS runs on more than three-quarters of all smartphones sold. Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, last week declared his belief in a “fundamental right to privacy” in a barnstorming speech in Washington DC.苹果指出,隐私与安全性是其产品区别于谷歌(Google)的安卓(Android)移动平台的仅次于特点之一。

安卓平台是iOS的主要输掉,所有卖出智能手机中的三分之二都配备了安卓平台。上月,苹果首席执行官蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)在华盛顿特区一场巡回演唱演说中称之为,他指出用户应该享有“最显然的隐私权”。Over a video link from Silicon Valley, he told an audience at an event organised by privacy research group EPIC that many tech companies were “gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monitise it. We think that’s wrong”.在参与隐私研究集团EPIC的组织一场活动时,库克在硅谷与现场观众连线回应,许多科技公司都在“收集他们所能理解的有关你的一切信息,后用它来赚。


我们指出,那是不该的”。Nonetheless, the move to enable ad-blocking on iPhones has caused concern among some in the media industry, as Apple customers are widely seen as a wealthier demographic desirable to advertisers.然而,苹果在iPhone上打开广告截击功能的作法,引发了媒体界一些公司的忧虑,因为苹果客户被普遍认为是广告主期望认识的更为富裕人群。Joshua Benton, director of Harvard University’s Nieman Journalism Lab, called it a “worrisome” development. “For the many news companies counting on mobile advertising for their business model, I don’t see a way that this change doesn’t shave off a real slice of mobile advertising revenue,” he wrote in a blogpost on Wednesday.哈佛大学尼曼新闻实验室(Nieman Journalism Lab)主任约书亚本顿(Joshua Benton),称之为苹果此举“令人担忧”。


“对于许多把移动广告作为商业模式的新闻公司而言,我指出,这一变化认同不会令其其损失一大部分移动广告收益,”周三他在一篇博文中上写到。Ad-blocking has been available on the Mac version of Safari for several years but, if taken up by developers, the tool would mean users can choose to install an app that would block online advertising and the tools used to target it on the iPhone’s browser for the first time.几年来,Mac版的Safari浏览器仍然可以截击广告,但如果应用程序开发者也这么做到将意味著,手机用户第一次可以自由选择加装截击应用于,在iPhone浏览器上截击在线广告或用作精准投入广告的工具。

The planned update comes as Apple tries to re-establish its place at the heart of the media and entertainment industry with the launch of Music, a new all-in-one subscription streaming and radio app, and News, a slick magazine-style app showing a range of free content from publishers that will compete with the likes of Flipboard and Facebook’s Instant Stories. Apple’s News app will allow publishers to sell their own advertising or split revenues when using its own iAd tool.计划做出上述变动之时,苹果发售了Apple Music和Apple News两款应用于,希望重塑自己在媒体和娱乐行业的核心地位。Apple Music是一款全新的多功能合一的流媒体和无线电广播订阅者应用于。Apple News是一款精致的杂志式应用于,可以展出来自出版商的大量免费内容,将与Flipboard和Facebook的Instant Stories等应用于进行竞争。

Apple News将容许出版商出售自己的广告,或者在用于iAd工具时与苹果共享收益。